November 22, 2022

Steal 4 Pro Secrets from My Conversion Copywriter, Sara Vartanian

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Steal 4 Pro Secrets from My Conversion Copywriter, Sara Vartanian

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When you think of writing copy for your launch or your newsletter, how does it feel? Light and east? Fun? Heavy and total chore?

How how do you feel when you sit down to write promotional emails or *gulp* a sales page?

Whether or not you signed up to “be a writer” when you started your business, the truth is that clearly communicating your ideas through great copy is a requirement.

Between newsletters, blog posts, video descriptions, captions, lead magnets, promotional emails, sales and check out pages  (those last 3 are the money makers btw)  writing is part of building an online brand.

But what if you don’t consider yourself a great writer? 

What if you struggle to come up with ideas or “get into flow” when you sit down to type? 

And even if you can write great content, what if persuasive selling in copy seems like an unsolvable rubik’s cube? 

Today’s episode will help you step into the role of writer and become persuasive and compelling in your copy, through the help of my dear friend (and our copywriter here at The Speaker Co), Sara Vartanian.

Sara is a launch strategist and copywriter and I’ve asked her to sill the tea on all things copy tips  to help you make your copy hotter than Taylor Swift tickets.

You will LOVE unscripted, hilariously real conversation, packed with tangible tips, advice and strategies. We tackle questions like: how long should copy really be? Where do people spend way too much time?  What if I don’t feel like writing? Plus we go into a few wildly inappropriate metaphors (per usual) that unsurprisingly drive the lessons home.

Inside this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Sara’s early experience with teaching and cloth diapers (wait what?) paved the way to damn good copywriting
  • Bridging the gap between verbal and written communication styles (and how they play together)
  • The two distractions people obsess over, but don’t pay off (and what to do instead)
  • What it takes to write unboring copy that packs a punch-y “YOU” in it
  • 4 specific actions to take when you feel “stuck” with writing 

4 Power Copywriting Tips That Will Fire Up Your Copy

🔥TIP #1:  Keep a bank of stories to make incorporating them into your copy easier 

Think of little micro moments in your life and write them down.

We often think that our storytelling has to be these massive, really epic life stories that we often see and hear on TEDx stages or at conferences. But honestly these stories, while moving, are not necessarily relatable. 

Just think of the stories about your day that you’d love to share to a friend or your husband—

they don’t have to be big deals. These are little micro stories that you can use to segue way into stuff, and these seemingly insignificant kind of “lame stories,” these are the ones that are actually best to use in your copy because you don’t need a ton of explanation for them. They’re easy for people to catch and help you to really connect with them. That’s why it’s best to pay attention to these things.

🔥TIP #2.  Let go of that fear of something being too long.

There are different types of people who are reading your copy and we all bring these different experiences to buying and reading and taking the next leap. 

Recognizing that people need different things from you is essential because  if we don’t know what people need and we don’t take the time to speak to our different audience members who are coming then we might lose them. So it’s okay for things to be too long as long as you’re not just rambling and you have these different sections in your copy that address different needs.

🔥TIP #3: Go through your writing and start reading it out loud.

One of the tricks that I learned from a copywriter early on in my business was everything you write, you say it out loud. And as you’re saying it and if you feel like you would never say that, it’s a cue to change it. 

Just go through your copy and start reading it out loud and asking yourself, ‘okay, does this sound like me? Where can I fun this up and add a little bit of personality? Where can I change this to a word I actually use?’ 

See where you can add your personality—maybe you can reference your favorite show or put a GIF in a page or even little side jokes that you think are funny.

You don’t have to be overly professional. What you need to do is just show that you have a solution and that you’re the person for them.You might not be for everyone and that’s okay.

🔥TIP #4: Make yourself a mini voice guide.

Make a little guide of things around some of the language you use ie., the swear words or the abbreviations that you use, if you have hashtags or maybe some of the jokes that have resonated with folks before and any little details to help you with your copy.

Have it as a little reference so that you can prepare, then review your copy and check if it sounds like this person and how you can incorporate some of these things that you’re known for. 

You have to create that list for you to look at because if you expect us to remember all these things when you’re writing, you’re really setting yourself up for a lot of hard work. So just having a list of some of these things that you’re known for can really help so you’re not just pulling it from your head. 

BONUS TIP: If you have an image in your email copy, put a funny little caption underneath it. It’s an easy way to incorporate your personality in your copy.

About Sara Vartanian:

Sara Vartanian is a launch strategist and copywriter and host of The Launch Playbook Podcast. She helps business owners use research and data to map their customers’ journey so they can craft a launch experience that makes the people they love serving most feel seen and heard.

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