February 7, 2022

Designing Effective & Attractive Slides with Emily Hall

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Designing Effective & Attractive Slides with Emily Hall

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Are slides necessary in a presentation? Does virtual versus in person change that answer? And what do you do if you don’t have a great eye for design?

Slides reinforce what you’re saying and to help with understanding.  And when used well, they’re a powerful tool for delivering your message more effectively. 

Not to worry. In today’s episode, my guest Emily Hall, founder and lead creator at E + M Creative (an amazing agency that does presentations and design for speakers and online entrepreneurs) joins us to talk about how you can structure your slides in a more sexy and effective way for your audience and your business.

She’s breaking down the top mistakes presenters make with their slides, how you can correct them and how to adapt your visuals for different environments (including virtual presentations). Stick with us until the end and you’ll learn her three C’s for more effective slides.  I hope you’ll enjoy listening and learning from Emily as much as I did.

Episode Highlights:

  • When slides will add value to your presentation versus when they underline your image.
  • The biggest mistakes presenters  make with  slides (and how to fix them).
  • How you should adapt your slides for a virtual presentation, in person keynote or other environment.
  • The connection between presentations and branding— what to watch for so you show up on brand.
  • Simple shifts you can start making so that your slides can help your message land more effectively to your ideal customers
  • Three C’s for more effective slides plus tips you can apply even if you don’t have an eye for design

“Slides are a powerful tool to be able to engage with your audience when used in the right way. But when your slides are not working for you, they’re working against you.”


About My guest:

Emily Hall is the Founder and Creative Director of E+M Creative, a presentation and course design studio focused on helping entrepreneurs deliver their message in a way that drives both impact and ROI. Coming from the corporate communication world with a background in behavior change psychology and a passion for modern design, Emily established and honed her signature framework while creating high-conversion educational and sales presentations for C-level executives speaking at the national level. 

After applying her framework with corporate clients in a wide range of industries, Emily launched E+M Creative to serve the entrepreneur community with consulting and design services to help them scale their business beyond 1:1 services through workshops, masterclasses, courses, and memberships. When she’s not serving clients, you can find Emily watching the latest superhero movie, exploring new hiking trails, or recharging with a meditation in her favorite hammock.

Connect with Emily:

Website: https://eandmcreative.co/ 

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