March 29, 2023

Transcript Ep #192 – Mastering Your Mindset for Business Success: The 5 Beliefs You Need to Embrace [REMIX]Transcript

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Transcript Ep #192 – Mastering Your Mindset for Business Success: The 5 Beliefs You Need to Embrace [REMIX]Transcript

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Mastering Your Mindset for Business Success: The 5 Beliefs You Need to Embrace [REMIX]

– Transcript: Episode #192

Hint of Hustle Episode 186


Well, hey, friend, welcome to another episode of Hint of Hustle. As you can tell, my voice has been hustling and now I am in rest mode. It has been a wild past five weeks. We’ve accomplished so much in the business from a private podcast, a new program, a launch. So many incredible episodes here on the show, and hey, I practice what I preach and Mama needs a break. So yes, this week at the time you’re listening to this episode when it goes live, I’m on spring break. Mom’s gone wild. Okay, not really. I’m just hanging out with my kids. 


But I decided to take a page out of my own Hint of Hustle playbook. And, you know, go the easy route and sometimes the easy route is the perfect route, and what I mean by that is today I am serving you up a recast of an oldie but a goodie. This is one of the episodes that has gotten more feedback than anything else but it has been a long time since it’s seen the light of day. We’re recasting back to Episode 39 where I talk, this was where it was a few months, maybe a few weeks into the pandemic, and you know, mindset. I don’t love the word mindset because there’s just so much. I don’t know, just so much crap that people teach around the concept of mindset but I’m huge around growth mindset. In fact, I just discovered this week or last week at my kids parent teacher conference that my eight year old has learned what growth mindset is and it’s very adorable as he’s using growth mindset strategy to discover solutions to problems. 


Anyways, I bring all this to you because you and I both know that what you think about and how you approach business determines your results in business, and this episode here where I teach you the five beliefs that will make all the difference for you. I need to bring these back, hammer them in your head so you can soak them up, get re-inspired and show back up the renewed energy in your life and business. 


So I am gifting you the replay of Episode 39. I know you’re going to love it. This is probably one you should download and save and come back to probably a few times a year because it is that necessary. When I went back through and listen to the episode I was just raising my hands go to heck yeah, this is really good. And speaking of really good if you could hear my kids screaming there, ready for me to come back over and help them, we’re building Legos so I’m going to jump to that, you jump the episode and I’ll see you real soon.


I am so thrilled that you’re here. Today we’re gonna talk about something that I wish I would have knowna year ago, a year and a half ago. When I was first starting my business and really exploring the virtual world of virtual speaking, of virtual courses of, of just doing things online, right? When I started my business, I was doing most of my coaching online, but I was still doing a lot of in person events, in person workshops and I’ve escalated in the virtual front which obviously we’re all working right now completely virtually. \


But the conversation that I want to have today is, when I first started breaking into the online space, I started noticing that there were some people who clearly had an established authority in the virtual space. There were some people that you would see and they were just magnetic. They seem to be everywhere and they were seemingly successful. And I would find myself in Facebook groups surrounded by success story after success story, but also on the other hand, I would see all these conversations of people frustrated, and I kept scratching my head and said, what was it that makes some entrepreneurs, they somehow seem to break through the noise and become a, like, quote unquote, overnight success, while others seem to continue to struggle in this hamster wheel of content, not able to make much progress. And I started asking myself the question, what was it that separated those who broke through and those who just stayed. And it was in the pursuit of asking those questions that I unlock some things about myself and I have been able to make some pretty substantial progress in my business over the last 18 months, and I want to share with you today, some of those core lessons. There’s five of them specifically that I followed and that I see when I look at the big names in this online space of things they have, beliefs that they’ve adopt, things that they do, and I think we can all take note of these and more importantly, take action with these in your business. 


So I want to run through these five, today’s episodes, not going to be a long one because one, I want to give these to you, and hey, if you want these written down, I have a, I went ahead and put these into a resource for you because I think these are that good. I’ve actually written these down into daily affirmations that I use with myself and I read them every morning and I wanted to open and share that with you. So if you like what you hear today and you would like to be able to go through those affirmations and incorporate those into your morning routine, I invite you to do so the link to download that is in the show notes. If you go to 


Okay, so let’s dive into these five areas that I see influencers adopting as they grow their personal brand and really establishing themselves as an authority. So number one, they believe that what they have to say, matters. They believe that what they have to say matters. Now what I mean by this is when you are an authority and someone of influence to rise to that level, you actually have to believe that the things that you say, the message that you bring to conversations, what you write about, you have to believe deep down that it actually matters. You can’t just be teaching on some BS fluff or some irrelevant or I don’t know stupid, bogus tips that don’t really make a difference, like you have to believe that your message matters. 


Now think about some of the big names in the space like Marie Forleo, for example. Her message is so much bigger than helping people start businesses. It’s much bigger than that. She believes that every person has something secret and special, not secret but special about them that little something extra and they, like the world deserves to hear it. She makes sure that what she believes, what she talks about in her content, it serves a bigger purpose. If you think about, I want you to consider for a moment who do you follow online? Who are those influencers that you follow? They don’t just teach like something simple as how to post a video on YouTube. They don’t just teach how to upload your video to Kajabi, like, sure they teach the how-to piece but they know that their message is so much bigger than the technical tips and strategies that they deliver. 


When you believe that what you say matters, you are highly competent, you have a wealth of experience in your content, meaning not only have you done it firsthand, but you’ve also taught and work with other people to achieve success, you feel a deep rooted sense of purpose, and you know that you have a story that’s unique. It’s something different. It hasn’t been heard before, even if you struggle a bit with impostor syndrome and trying to figure out how your message could land a little differently, you still know deep down, you’re not quite sure how yet, but you know deep down that your message is something that’s needed in this world. Your message has power. It has legs, and you’re not quite sure how to get out but you know that it matters. That deep belief has to start with that. That you know deep down, you have a story that’s going to make a significant impact and other people. If you want to grow to have influence, you have to start with that. So if you find yourself struggling sometimes with connecting to whether or not what you have to say matters, or that your niche, or your digital course, or your topic, or whatever, if you’re struggling to be like, Oh, is this good enough or is this really going to do anything? I challenge you to come back to this idea of how is your competence? How is your experience with that piece of content? Connect yourself back to your story, explore those things and deepen them. Deepen your competency, deepen your experience, the more that you do that, the higher you’ll see your belief go in yourself and your message. You have to make sure that that belief is so deeply rooted because when it comes to things like fear, when it comes to facing imposter syndrome, when it comes to a lot of the challenges that seem to grow harder and harder, the more you elevate in your business in your career, your roots, your purpose and understand that what you have to say matter that has to be strong so anchor that in now. And I encourage you to think about how do you get so deeply rooted in your competence and your belief in your message to the point where it becomes a necessity for you to share it with other people. 


Like for me, for example, so I teach people how to speak magnetically in their business and yes, I teach you how to speak on stages. Yes, I teach you how to speak on camera. But for me, it’s bigger than that. For me, it’s this idea that it’s a shame that so many people have all of these ideas and opinions and beliefs that can change the world and they keep them bottled up. And I think sometimes how much better the world would be if we were a little bit more brave, a little bit more articulate, a little bit more confident in sharing our ideas and our beliefs with other people. And for me, this idea of when I teach people how to speak on stages, it ripples over to their lives. It teaches them how to be more bold and confident and articulate themselves every single day, not just on a stage and when they do that, they get bolder in their communicating their ideas, they get bolder in inspiring other people to do other things in their lives and that message carries on. For me, it’s not just about speaking on the stage, it’s not about collecting emails, so you can grow your email list, well, show those are beautiful benefits of being a highly competent speaker. The bigger impact that happens when you feel inspired to speak, that’s what lights me up. When people feel that like that rush of energy when an audience reacts to words that you’ve just delivered, you’ve inspired them, that’s what lights me up. I want you to connect to your message, connect to your topic, in a way like that, in a deep way like that and I truly believe that you can regardless of whatever it is that you have to teach. There is a bigger purpose. So number one with this role of influence, those who go to the quote unquote top, those who have success believe that what they say matters. 


Number two, they perceive themselves as an authority and a leader. They perceive themselves as an authority and leader. You can’t expect that others will see you as the expert or as the authority if you don’t first see it in yourself. I can’t tell you how many students and clients that I work with that are still not confident that other people will listen to them other people will will hear from them and one of my jobs as a coach is to help instill that belief in the person I’m working with. But I’ll tell you those who experienced success, those who book speaking gigs, those who get asked to speak on stages virtually and in person are the ones that own the fact that they are an authority, and this sometimes can feel like a really hard thing because we toe the line of confidence versus arrogance. This idea of like, man, well, if I if I show up like I’m the shit, if I show up like I’m a big freakin deal, other people are gonna think I’m full of myself.


Here’s the deal. Anyone that you see on a big stage, anyone that you see on our virtual platforms that have a huge online presence, friend, they know they’re a big freakin deal, and they knew it before anybody else ever thought it. You have to believe that you are a big freakin deal and that doesn’t mean that you’re an egotistic maniac. It just means that you are confident that you were meant to deliver a bigger message. You have to see yourself as an authority. You have to see yourself as a big freakin deal long before anybody else does. So I often think of the quote, the great quote from Muhammad Ali around his continual repetition of I’m the greatest. I’m the greatest thing that ever lived. This idea were him seeing that vision far beyond or far in advance of anyone else ever seen it far in advance of him, even having the skills to be the greatest, that’s the level of competence you have to have in who you are and how you show up and it doesn’t mean that how you show up today is the greatest, it just means that you are leaning into that future version of you, that you’re confident that you will figure it out. 


You have to believe that you were meant for a big stage and I don’t mean a physical stage, like literally, although you know how I feel about that. I mean that when it comes to you stepping up in your business and in your life, you were meant for a much bigger stage than you’re playing on right now. You have to believe that down in your core in order for it to become a reality. You have to see yourself and own the fact that you are a leader, you are an authority, you are an expert, whatever words that you want to use for you. You have to see yourself in that way. And if you don’t right now, this might be an opportunity for you to think about doing some affirmations like Muhammad Ali, like me. oh, my goodness, I just put Muhammad Ali and me in the same sentence. What is happening today, people? But I want you to think about this. How are you intentionally building yourself up? How are you intentionally designing how you show up based around what you’re telling yourself. If you don’t see yourself as an authority now, start changing your narrative. You have to see yourself as an authority and a leader if you want to become one. You have to put the intention out there, sometimes far before reality follows. Make it happen. Remember, leaders are confident and humble. I always say be confident, stay humble. Those two things paired together, confidence and humility, that’s where leaders arise. That’s what separates those who have sheer influence, true influence versus those who just have, they’re just managers, just people who are bossing people around. If you want to be a real leader for your audience, for your people, you have to exercise both competence and humility. 


Alright, to exemplify this, let me share with you a story. So my old company, I started there when I was in college and at that company, I started as an Events Coordinator, like hourly employee. I was going to college I think 26 credits that quarter. and I was working three days a week, oh my gosh, it was just a crazy time but I had this vision that I wanted to grow within the company. It was a fast paced company, promotions where, they were revered and also given out to those who really stood out. And I remember at the time I was the only person in my role, I was the events coordinator, the only one producing the events, and there was this time that happened where there was a shift in the management of the department where the person who was over the department was out on maternity leave and it was clear she wasn’t coming back and it was very unclear what was happening with the department. I was part of the training, the learning and development department. And I had this vision for myself to have a an events department like a full team because we believe that the organization, that live event engagement was a huge relationship builder, a huge learning opportunity for our clients. It was a game changer in building transformation in the businesses we work with. So I have this vision for that and I was like, man, we got to make this happen. 


So I started referring to myself and the shipping guy. It was the guy who helped me pack the boxes for live events. I started referring to the two of us as the events team. Just like, I would sign emails as from the events team, or like the events team was running a meeting, or I created an internal calendar of events and it was called the Events Team calendar and I just started referring to us as the events team. And then couple months later, I walked into HR and filled out paperwork and hired my own intern. I didn’t even have a department. They approved it. I hired my own intern, my events intern, and kid you not, like within a few months, I had an actual quote unquote events team. The CEO called me one day, he said, hey, my daughter is going to come intern for us, will you take her on as an intern? My two interns, I have the shipping guy who is now on my team. I was the events team. And at that point, I had been promoted to an Events Manager. And six months later, I get a call from the CEO to go to his office and I was a little scared shitless because I’m like, Oh, my God, the CEO doesn’t call. I mean, I’m just an everyday lonely employee. So terrified, I walk into his office and I was hoping that maybe they were going to give me my department and they offered me a job, and that job was the director over the entire learning and development department. 


I’m not telling you this because I want to stroke my ego and tell you how awesome I am. But guys, I’m pretty frickin awesome, so are you. But there was this moment where I was, I had no idea. This job wasn’t even on my radar nor did I even know that I wanted it. I took it. Spoiler alert, it was one of the best things I ever did. But I had this picture in my mind of being a person of influence in this tiny little area of events and I elevated within that. My belief was there I started acting like I owned the damn place, and you guys it paid off. I mean, not only did I own the damn place, that team but I was offered a position that was so much bigger than I even imagined. 


Why do I tell you this? Well, first, you might be thinking, I’m a little crazy that that happened. But I tell you this, you know the story in that organization, I was promoted time and time again and my last position in that company was the executive over the Learning Development Department and it was an incredible, incredible learning opportunity. But what I want you to understand is, sometimes you have to act like you own the damn place. Sometimes you have to act three, four or five steps ahead of where you’re at right now because the beautiful thing happens. You start making decisions and start thinking about life at that level. You don’t make decisions and live life at your current reality. You start making decisions and living life at your future reality. And the beautiful thing with that is some of the things that you might be nitpicking right now, if in your mind, you go six months from now, I don’t want to be the person typing the email in ConvertKit. I want to be the person showing up on videos doing podcast interviews. I want to be the person just creating content. I don’t want to be the person in the weeds. 


All right. Well, if you were that person now, how would you be thinking and acting differently? Would you just bucket up and hire a VA? Would you finally start putting a process around how you go about writing emails so that somebody else could easily take the baton and put them into your email service providers? Would you spend all this time and energy editing a Facebook post or would you just get it out and move on to something where your unique value could shine? When you start thinking at the level that you want to be at six months from now, 12 months from now, three years from now, you start focusing on the things that actually matter and stop procrastinating by doing the things that frickin don’t. I want you to start acting as if you are already successful, whatever that picture looks like for you. That’s what I mean by this. I want you to, fill in the blank on this phrase. I’m the kind of person who blank. I’m the kind of person who shows up. I’m the kind of person who’s decisive. I’m the kind of person who does Facebook Lives. I’m the kind of person who starts a podcast. I’m the kind of person who shows up in inboxes every single week for my newsletter. I’m the kind of person who blank. I want you to think about this. I’m sure there’s this list of all these ideas that you keep putting back out there for yourself but for some reason you keep holding back. It’s time to lean into who you want to be six months from now, 12 months from now, and start acting as if you are that person because the only difference between you right now and that person then is the way that you’re showing up, so act as if. This is what I believe is one of the most like biggest, tangible things that those who are quote unquote successful that are perceived as made it big. This is what they do. They act like they belong there but they do it in a humble way. Notice all of these things are big, competent actions, but they’re always tethered with humility, humility to ask questions, humility to admit that they don’t know everything, humility that they’re not the end all be all, that their process is not the only way. It’s just a way that’s worked really well for them and their students and their audience. You have to tether that confidence with humility. But when you do that and you have the confidence to show up over and over again, oh, my goodness, amazing things start happening, so start acting as if. 


Number four, they trust that their message will come out as it should. They trust that their message will come out as it should. Okay, I’m going to speak to you directly on this one right here because if you’re listening to this podcast, it means that you’re looking to play a bigger game this year. Maybe you’ve been thrown off your rocker a little bit these last few weeks, few months, trying to figure out what that looks like for you, maybe you’d had a big goal that this was the year you wanted to speak on a stage and now there’s no stages so you’re trying to recalibrate and figure out what that looks like, maybe you’re showing up a little bit more on the virtual front. I bet every time you click record or go live, or you try to put yourself out there you, Oh, you get all up in your head trying to figure out how do I get these thoughts out of my mouth and have it sound like I know what I’m talking about? Actually have it be all coherent phrase, maybe you kick yourself a little bit as you’re speaking that you’re like, God, that sounded dumb. Man, what am I rambling? What am I talking about? Ugh! And then maybe you let that means that you don’t deserve to do that or that other people won’t listen to you or whatever meaning you are tied to that, you no longer allow yourself to keep showing up. 


Here’s the thing. Those who are successful, those who continue to keep pushing, they don’t hem and haw over the words that are coming out of the mouth. They just show up and they keep coming back. I hope that I’ve been an example to you of this on the show. Do you notice how many times I fumble on my words? We don’t really cut much out. We don’t really cut much out of the show, my friend, because I want you to see that I can make mistakes, a lot of mistakes in how I speak and also can be damn good in showing up and speaking. I’m not always grammatically correct. Sometimes I say a word and it kind of doesn’t come out well, but I just keep goin. Sometimes my mind turns left and my mouth turns right and just doesn’t workand that’s okay because I trust that whatever message needs to come out, will. I’m not going to get all caught up in my head and be like, Oh no, are they gonna think I’m a terrible person or that I’m stupid because I use I use the wrong pronoun?


Here’s the thing. If you are judging me for using the wrong vocabulary,  we’re not meant to be together, you and. Let me, random story real quick. When I was, I don’t know 21.  Fun fact, if you’re new around here, here’s this might be new information. When I was a teen slash early 20s, I competed in the Miss America organization for like seven years, and I have, sometimes don’t like telling this to people because immediately they go oh man, beauty pageant girl. She must be dumb dumb or she must not value herself or respect herself. That’s how I just assume that those who judge me talk. Anyways, I did this. It was a wonderful thing, by the way. It’s how I got the start of becoming far more articulate, far more comfortable in front of an audience. But there was this moment, I remember this really clearly. I was competing for Miss Washington and the other contestants and I, we were up there for Miss Washington Week in July of, I don’t remember what year but we were up there and I remember, we were posing for a photo. There was like 23 of us girls. We were posing for a photo and I tried to give a compliment by saying wow, we all just look so eloquent. Clearly wrong word, eloquent is about spoken word, not about, the elegant would have been the right word. But I remember this girl, she was a lawyer or trying to be a lawyer or something. And I remember she looked at me and she goes, I believe the word that you meant was elegant. Eloquent is not the proper grammar here. And I remember looking at her and I’m like, effing seriously? Are you frickin seriously, like serious, what the hell? And I kid you not, this is like 14 years ago, maybe more than that 15 years ago. I remember that moment so clear and here’s why. When you are pointing out a word someone says wrong, or that they didn’t do something correctly, or they have a misspelling going on there something or other, like when you are constantly poking and jabbing at another person, seriously, like, how is that helping you? How is tearing somebody else down for their inaccuracy or they’re showing up and doing the work, for you to point that out? How is that helping anyone? And granted, when you mask this, like, Hey, I, there are some, let me say this. There are some exceptions when you are genuinely trying to support and help another person. But I want you to challenge for a moment, if you’re constantly sending emails to point out what other people are doing wrong. Granted, if you’re listening to this, I don’t think you’re that kind of person. But if you’re constantly, those people who constantly point out what others are doing wrong, they’re never looking for what’s right. They’re looking to poke holes, and I think it’s because they’re too scared to turn the finger on themselves to actually step into what they know they want to be doing It’s easier to point the finger and point out what other people are doing wrong. 


I mean, that might be a little heated by that, but circling back around those who are in the flow of success, who are rising to their version of success, they’re not worried about the wrong word, the wrong phrase, the wrong hand movement, the wrong lens on the camera. They’re not caught up in those things. They’re just showing up to do the work. And here’s the thing, they trust that their message is going to come out right because they do the work. They keep showing up. They keep practicing. They do the word vomit exercise I talk to you about. They write down their notes, they come up with an outline, they have a clear idea of what they want to talk about, they have a purpose, they do the work off stage so when they show up on stage, they can trust in themselves. You see, they don’t just randomly one day wake up and become really great communicators, really great at cameras. So they practice, they practice and do the work and that’s why they can trust that their message could come out as it should and not get all up in their head that they sound like a blubbering idiot.


I want you to think about this. Is do you really trust that what comes out of your mouth, it’s going to land and come out as it should, even when it’s imperfect, especially when it’s imperfect? This is an area I’ve had to work on a lot. I’m highly critical of myself. I’s really easy for me to point out all the things I could be doing better. I probably had that moment in my mind 73 times recording this episode that I could have said that a lot better. But you know what, you could get stuck in this cycle of always trying to make everything perfect and get it better or you can just click record and get it out. Done is better than perfect. Progress over perfection. All of those quotes, all of the quotes, go look up Pinterest. Get whatever code that works for you and tape it to your frickin monitor and just press record and start showing up because when you start showing up, which by the way I’m in, this is number five, they show up through the highs and the lows, but for the love of goodness, they show up. This is what separates those who are spinning in that spiral, constantly asking for help, constantly asking for feedback, constantly seeking out other people’s how to support whatever so that they can get better. 


You know, friend, the secret to getting better is showing the F up. Show up, do the podcast, show up in the email inboxes, show up with the blog posts. You have to continue to show up through the good and the bad. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen other entrepreneurs when things are working really well, they’re doing what they should do. They’re creating a content every week. They’re emailing their list every week. They’re posted on social. They’re doing all the things and then something happens, maybe they get sick. Maybe they get on, but something happens, maybe quarantine, maybe? I don’t know something happens and they go radio silent. And then they wonder when they get to their next lunch why is nobody, nobody showing up? Well, because you ghosted them. Consistency is one of the most important things. Showing up and becoming a person of influence online, it is a long game and you have to be consistent. So my favorite quotes around this one by Tony Robbins. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives is what we do consistently. Marie Forleo says success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. 


I want you to evaluate yourself where you fall on this. How consisten are you showing up in your business? Where do you need to be showing up in your business? Do you need showing up for your team? Do you need is showing up for your email subscribers? Do you need to be showing up for your poor LinkedIn audience who hasn’t heard from you in 17 months? Who is not hearing from you? And what I don’t want you to do is this does not mean you need to go all out and be like I will post to every platform, every day of the week. No, if you’re not doing that now, you’re probably not going to do that and that’s not setting you up for success. You’re just going to repeat the hamster wheel of going out, guns blazing and then all this sudden in three weeks you’re gonna be like I’m tired and then just hide under a couch pillow and binge on a pint of Neapolitan ice cream and watch, Love is blind. 


I mean, I’m not saying that I’ve ever done that, but I’ve totally done it. It just happens. It happens people so you need to set yourself up for success, so figure out what consistency looks like for you. What can you commit being consistent to? That’s the question because if you want to become an authority, you have to show up, every time. Every time you say you’re going to show up, you have to show up. There’s no excuses. There’s no Oh, my God, this thing didn’t happen. You have to show up. You know, I had an interesting opportunity or interesting message come through today, somebody sent me a voice message. I hadn’t heard from them and a few weeks and she sent me a message today and she just wanted to tell me that she was noticing that I was still showing up through quarantine. And she was like, I’m really an admiration the way that you’re showing up as a leader for other leaders right now. And she goes, I saw the know about your son a few weeks ago of how he fell and broke his collarbone and had to have surgery in the middle of that pandemic. And she was like, you have a fire truck, like what the hell happened? Are you okay? I’m so in awe because you still showed up in my inbox. You still showed up in my Instagram Stories. You still showed up even though you had every excuse for not doing it. In fact, you actually got on and shared about it on IG TV. I had the son of mine, well, I hadn’t heard from you. I didn’t know that people actually saw that one but I don’t tell you this, because I want to be like, hey, look at me. I’m so fancy. No, I just, I made a commitment to show up for you. I made a commitment to be an example for how you show up for your audience, for how you become more comfortable in your communication. I made a commitment to show up regardless of whether or not I feel like it, whether or not it’s perfect, whether or not it’s well planned. I don’t have the time. No, it’s not, like I always have the list of how things can get better but you got to jump over that list and just start showing up. 


Sure, let me just say there are going to be times when something happens and you can’t show up. I get it and if you’re going through a hard time right now. I know many people are, this message isn’t to make you feel, I’m not trying to make you feel bad for what you’re not doing. This is not one of those preach on moments. What I want to do is say, if you have this goal on your heart, if you have this tug, happening right now, where you’re saying, I know there is a bigger level for me in my business and I’ve been thrown off a little bit this year. I don’t quite know how to get back on track but something is pulling me to say I want to go bigger, but I don’t know what that looks like. If you have that pull, I’m telling you that these are the beliefs. These are the actions for how to start shifting into that. If you don’t have that pull, if you’re not chasing something right now and you’re not like damn, I’m gonna get there, then do not listen to this advice. So that show up, that working on your message, that acting as if, these do not apply to you if you are not chasing a big dream right now. But if you are saying, I have a big ass dream and I am in it, this one’s for you, baby, like this one is for you. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. There is not a step by step action plan. Although a lot of people say like here’s the roadmap. Here’s the checklist. Here’s all the things. I love roadmaps, I have one, five steps to speaking on stages. Go grab it, I just had to do the cheesy voice with that. We got the roadmaps, we got the checklist, but the pathway to that dream you’re chasing it is not a simple checklist. 


It starts with these beliefs I’m talking about today. It starts with what’s on the inside of your head and what you spend your time thinking about, that will dictate the actions to get you to that next level. This is what it’s all about, and man I’m getting heated today talking about these things, but I’m so passionate about it because I am a big believer that if you want to elevate it starts with how you see yourself. And, friend, if you want to be seen as an authority, if you want other people to be raving about your stuff, to be leaving reviews on your podcast, sending you direct messages, telling them how your freebie has made a an incredible difference in their lives, in their business, in their whatever it is that you’re helping them with. If you want those moments, start getting intentional for showing up for yourself. Become intentional with what you think about every single day. For me, this is where it’s at and this has been the game changer in not only growing my career as a lowly little events coordinator into an executive, but moving from zero to six figures in less than eight months. I’m doing well in my business and I want you to do well in your business even through difficult times. It starts with how you show up so let’s run through that list one more time. 


One, you have to believe that what you say matters. You have to believe it so much that you’re willing to push through difficult moments like impostor syndrome, and self doubt, and criticism. Two, you have to perceive yourself as an authority and leader. You can’t expect others to see you as the expert until you see yourself as one. Three, you must act as if you’re already successful, whatever your definition of success is, the way you think, the decisions you make, what you spend your time focusing on, what you spend your time not focusing on, you have to act as if you’ve already arrived to that level of success. Four, you must trust that your message will come out as it should and you grow that trust with yourself by doing the work, practicing, doing the word vomit, getting yourself out there, rinse and repeating even when you stumble trusting that progress is far better than perfection. And number five, you show up even when it gets hard. You show up through the goods. You show up to the bads. Remember this early stage in your business, every stage of your business is all about not quitting. Show up. Remember what Marie says, success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do, consistently.


Friend, I hope this show today, I hope this has fired you up a little bit regardless of what you’ve been walking through. I hope that if you have a dream on your heart, if you have this, this big, scary goal that you’re chasing, I hope that today has got your mind racing in the most magical way where you’re thinking like, oh, man, it’s time for me to get back to some of the things that I’ve abandoned these last couple of months. It’s time for me to get back to that deep rooted belief that I have believing that even through difficulty, I can still rise the level of success that I want, whatever that looks like for you. And if you think that it would be helpful for you to do some of these daily affirmations based around what we talked about today as I said, I am sharing with you the affirmations that I use and some that I might encourage you to do to to help you focus on these areas in your dreams. You can go grab them at 


All right, friend. I hope that you enjoyed it today. Please be sure to subscribe, leave a review of the episode if you’re feeling very hot and bothered in a good way about this episode. And of course, please tag me on instagram and tell me what one of these areas was like the boom for you. Which was the one that just got you going, yes, yes where you were preaching hands in the air, Hallelujah, Heather. We should make that a hashtag. Tell me all about it. I will see you next week. Same time, same place

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