May 20, 2020

From Average to Unforgettable: 5 Beliefs Separating You From Success

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From Average to Unforgettable: 5 Beliefs Separating You From Success

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When I started my online business, I noticed right away that there were some people in the industry who were clearly “the authority”. They were the magnetic ones that seemed to be everywhere.

I saw videos of them on stages at industry events, they were running facebook ads and did the circuit of podcasts. They had their funnels dialed and seemed to be connected to everyone.

I’d find myself in Facebook groups filled with more breakthrough stories of other entrepreneurs with big launches, media spots and big wins.

It was exciting, inspiring. But also, left a bit to an internal struggle. Because of every success story, I’d see 20 more of entrepreneurs frustrated or stuck (which is how I felt).

I wondered: what was it that helped some entrepreneurs break through the noise and find success while others continued to struggle in the hamster wheel of content, not making much progress?

Was it tactics or strategies that separated those who broke through from those who just existed? 

It was in the pursuit of asking those questions that I unlocked some incredible breakthroughs of my own and today I’m sharing them with you.

Spoiler alert, it’s not the tactics, but rather how you’re thinking.

In this episode, I share my perspective on the specific beliefs that have helped me rise in my career, from an event coordinator to executive overseeing training for more than 2800 team members across North America.

Those same beliefs have helped me skyrocket my business to six figures in less than 9 months. But this isn’t just about my journey, these are also the same beliefs and behaviors used by your favorite mentor.

Heads up! If the word mindset makes you want to hurl (me too), don’t run just yet.

I’m not asking you to go super woo here. There’s no tapping, no crystals and I’m not even talking about meditation (though if you do any of those things, kudos to you!).

I challenge you to consider what you’re intentionally thinking about each day and encourage you to try daily affirmations to shift your focus.  

I’m also challenging you to consider is this:

Whether that’s showing up more for your audience or taking the leap to become a guest speaker with new audiences, you’ll turn on the magnetism of the It Factor with these 5 beliefs.

  1. Believe what you say matters
  2. Perceive yourself as a leader and authority
  3. Act as if you’re already successful, whatever your definition
  4. Trust that your message will come out as it should
  5. Show up even when it gets hard (especially when it gets hard)

Episode Show Notes

Where to begin so you can grow and build your influence?

(08:13) I challenge you to come back to this idea of how’s your competence? How’s your experience with that piece of content? Connect yourself back to your story. Explore those things and deepen them. Deepen your competency. Deepen your experience. The more that you do that, the higher you’ll see your belief go in yourself and your message. 

The biggest tangible lesson that successful people perceived

(21:56) Act as if. This is what I believe is one of the most biggest tangible things that those who are “successful” … They act like they belong there, but they do it in a humble way. 

What successful people do to trust themselves and not worry when things go wrong?

(28:52) They don’t just randomly one day wake up and become really great communicators, really great at cameras. They practice. They practice and do the work. That’s why they can trust that their message could come out as it should and not get all up in their head that they sound like a blabbering idiot. 

The secret to getting better

(30:23) You know, friend, the secret to getting better is showing the F- up. Show up. Do the podcast. Show up in the email inboxes. Show up with the blog posts. You have to continue to show up through the good and the bad. 

How to be seen as an authority

(36:56) Start getting intentional for showing up for yourself. Become intentional with what you think about every single day. For me, this is where it’s at. This has been the game changer in not only growing my career as a lowly little events coordinator into an executive, but moving from zero to six figures in less than eight months. 

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