April 28, 2021

What’s It REALLY like to Write (and Release) a Book with Tina Tower

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What’s It REALLY like to Write (and Release) a Book with Tina Tower

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Is one of your goals to write a book?  Listen closely: 

Writing a book is going to be hard no matter what, so you’ve got to be committed to doing it. 

Not only do you have to WRITE, you also have to figure out publishing and marketing.

If I’m being super honest, not knowing what I don’t know is what’s kept my dream of writing a book as just that– a dream, not a goal.

So when I got a ping from business strategy coach and mentor, Tina Tower, asking if I’d be interested in chatting about the real and raw experience of book writing with my audience, I jumped at the chance to ask her ALL THE QUESTIONS. 

Tina (who’s company coincidently built my very first Kajabi website) released her first book in 2019 and has a second one coming out this mid-year. In this episode, you’ll get an inside look at Tina’s book writing journey as she shares the unglamorous process you can expect as well as tips to help you with your book writing goals.

The insights and strategies you’ll learn in this interview will prepare and fire you up to write your own book and not to let those pesky voices of doubt hold you back doing the thing you want to do.

  In this episode we’ll dive into…

  • the publishing process and what’s it really looked like to write and release a book
  • tangible tips to get started
  • how to choose your publishing path (and understanding your options between self publish, hybrid or a traditional publisher)
  • pushing through the inevitable self-doubt
  • Tina’s personal advice to people who wanted to jumpstart and so much more!

About My Guest, Tina Tower

As a 7-figure-earning business strategy coach and mentor, author of the book “One Life: How to Have the Life of Your Dreams” and host of the ‘Her Empire Builder’ podcast, Tina is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs all across the world scale their businesses, step into their light and build a life they love.

Connect with Tina Tower on Instagram | Facebook 

 Books mentioned in the episode:

One Life: How to Have The Life of your Dreams, Tina Tower

Million Dollar Micro Business: How to Turn Your Expertise Into a Digital Online Course, Tina Tower

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

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