February 17, 2021

Creating a Method You Can be Known For with April Beach

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Creating a Method You Can be Known For with April Beach

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Meet April Beach, one of the OG lifestyle entrepreneurs who excel with helping business owners nail their signature method. In today’s episode we cover the difference between methods and frameworks, how having a solid offer is critical BEFORE adding speaking to your biz, plus her new fav platform – Clubhouse (specifically how to leverage its unique benefits in your business).

Episode Summary

  • It all starts with your signature method and your signature offer. Everything stems from there. It is the beginning of huge things that have to be done.
  • Having your signature offer is not something that just makes you better. It’s something that stops the bleeding.
  • All the marketing that you do, don’t mean anything unless you have the foundation of what you want to be known for built, which starts with your method and your framework, which then goes into your signature offer.
  • Without a signature offer and a signature framework or method, you’re never going to be able to scale exponentially and become an undisputed leader in your space. You might not be in trouble now but there’s going to be a point where you are stagnant or you’re sliding backward and you’re not going to grow.
  • It’s very difficult without the framework to build your signature program, especially in your early days. It gives you confidence that you’re not going to be scattered, off-track, and constantly second-guessing what the hell you’re doing. It helps people have confidence in you that you’re going to get them results. 
  • The 4 Step Signature Offer Method: (1) Lifestyle (2)Method and Framework (3) Content (4) Business Model
  • Clubhouse is incredibly valuable because it gets us to have a two-way conversation where there is no other social media platform that has enabled us to do even within Facebook groups or Instagram Live. You’re just in a room with cool, like-minded people and having these amazing and authentic conversations. 
  • We don’t sell on Clubhouse – that’s not the purpose of Clubhouse. It is to build relationships. 
  • In using Clubhouse, it’s really important to understand what you want to be known for and what you want to speak on and then having that tie into your signature offer and your signature method in the language you’re speaking.
  • You should only speak or host Clubhouse rooms that relate to your lane in your method and in your area of expertise.
  • Go back to your processes, your methods, and lead conversations on those. You have to make sure that you’re intentional with your time and you’re using it for things that you want to be known for.
  • When hosting a room in Clubhouse,  title the room with a question that has to do with that one benchmark within your method or framework. 
  • If you make people feel good and you’re able to contribute in an energetic way, people will follow you because as business owners we’re not only just looking for solutions on how to grow our businesses. We’re looking for people to level up our thinking.
  • When you’re trying to launch your coaching or consulting business, you’re looking at the 7-figure people and how they’re doing things. You’re trying to duplicate what you see and it’s not really appropriate based on the phase of business you’re in right now. Know that how they’re doing things is not the same way you need to be doing things necessarily.

Listen to the full interview:

About my guest, April Beach

April Beach is a Business Scaling Strategist that works with entrepreneurs, experts, and small business owners to design, launch and grow their company for profit and lifestyle control through her “Start to Scale Up System™”, her industry-leading “Signature Offer” Masterclass, Consulting, Courses, Podcast, and Mastermind.

April leads business owners through proven strategies for predictable results and has interviewed and worked with top industry leaders to develop signature offers, leading frameworks, online business models, and grow brands internationally.

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Connect with April Beach on Instagram | Facebook | Clubhouse: @aprilbeach

Check out her podcast: SweetLife Podcast


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