November 18, 2020

4 Things to Do NOW to Prepare for Pitching in 2021 

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4 Things to Do NOW to Prepare for Pitching in 2021 

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What actions can you be taking right now to build momentum for pitching events in 2020? Today I’m sharing with you four specific actions to intentionally lay the tracks for visibility next year. We’re talking about your business, your message and your relationships. So if you want to pitch and land big stages next year (like podcasts interview, virtual summits and guest lectures) this one’s for you.

Episode Show Notes

4 Things you can do now to get your name out there and position yourself as an authority

1.  Create your stage wishlist with intention. (12:29)

Don’t just randomly see something online and have just your go-to shows that you want to be a guest on. Don’t make it a passive dreaming thing. You need to be clear. Here’s what you can do:

  • Have an active session to make a list of the kinds of shows that (1) excite you, (2) share your ideal audience, the people that you actually want to connect with and serve with your message.  

Now the easiest ones to get started with, our podcasts.  You can go to iTunes right now or your podcast app and scroll down in whatever niche you’re in. Look at all of the podcasts in that category and might I recommend just skimming right through the top 100 and looking at those ranked 100 to 200. Those are great shows to put on your list.  

  • Set yourself up for success and get more intentional with your wishlist by making sure you have a variety of different kinds of shows you can take and be excited about them. The more you start asking around, you’ll find that other people host guests on their Facebook shows or you’ll find out what virtual events are coming up next year.
2.  Build genuine, quality relationships. (18:03)

Gut check yourself around the way that you want to do business and start asking these questions:

  • Who are the people that you genuinely would love to have a business friendship with? 
  • Who do you jive with? 
  • Who do you respect? Who runs a business in a way that you aspire to? 

And then actively engage in a giving relationship. There’s a lot of introspection and quality thinking that happens in the fourth quarter and this would be a great time to get on people’s radar and just be a light in their inbox and share with them how their content has resonated with you. You never know where it’s going to go, but at minimum, you can start building this reputation of someone who gifts, someone who serves, someone who goes out of their way to make others feel heard and appreciated and valued with their content. 

When you have this mindset, you will be so surprised around how karma comes back to you in the most beautiful way. I think that what you give, you will get back. It might not be from that person, but something will come back and create beautiful opportunities in your life. 

3.  Prepare your homebase.  (26:19)

When somebody hears you talking about something on a podcast or somebody shares your content, if they go look at your profile right now, do they want to stay? 

If you share aspects of your life in social media, you want to make sure that it is peppered in with the actual thing that you want to be known for. 

Make sure that when people visit your website, or your landing page or your social media, make sure that they’re sticky because if you start putting your name out there and you do not have your homebase taken care of, opportunities and the people you want to serve are falling through because you don’t have that stickiness set up at your homebase. 

4.  Get your messaging down.

When I talk about messaging, we’re talking about how you talk about your business, your core content, your audience – their beliefs, wants and desire, and how you convey that content to another audience. That’s your messaging. 

A lot of business owners are confused with their own content because while they know how to teach the processes of the ‘how-to’, they don’t know how to speak to get people excited about the ‘how-to’. This is a really great season for you to start asking yourself these questions:

  • What should I be talking about? 
  • What are the messages that I need to be communicating consistently so that my ideal audience gets it and you’re the person they can learn from?

You are the ambassador for your brand. Your ability to articulate what you do, who you do it for, why it matters, what your processes are – if you can’t talk about those things, you can’t sell those things!

And this is the time to start practicing these things because you want to make sure that you have a message that is going to serve and you do it with the confidence of knowing that your message is going to nail.  There’s huge things coming your way next year. You just got to be ready for them. 

Tune into the episode with the player on the top of this page, or read the full episode transcript here.

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