October 9, 2019

The Business of Speaking: 3 Strategies to Monetize Speaking on Stages

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The Business of Speaking: 3 Strategies to Monetize Speaking on Stages

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If you want to crush your business goals, you’ve got to embrace speaking opportunities. Does that mean you need to jump on stage in front of 1,000 people right away? Heck no.  

When most entrepreneurs think of speaking, they think of either professional speakers charging a fee for their talk or speaking for free to get experience… to eventually command a fee. But this concept of trading money for time wasn’t why you built your business. And speaking for free without a strategy isn’t going to lead you towards the results you want. The good news is that these aren’t the only ways to speak to get results in your business.  

In this episode, I’m sharing three specific speaking strategies you can use in your business to achieve your revenue goals. We’ll talk about the similarities and differences between speaking for a fee, speaking to sell your programs, and speaking to grow your audience. 

We’ll also talk about keeping your WHY front and center when it comes to picking a speaking strategy. That means, you choose the right opportunities to achieve your goals without sacrificing your business, your family, your health or yourself in the process.

How do we do that? That’s the challenge. Listen to the full episode to find out more.

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Episode Highlights:

(05:17) – things became very, very clear for me when I realized that there are different types of speaking that you can use to build a successful business

(07:59) – think about each of these strategies as three distinct things in the context of today’s conversation so that you can make a decision that’s going to be right for you and your business goals.

(11:40) – speaking for money, I do believe that this could be a part of your strategy, but I don’t think it should be your core strategy if you’re building a coaching business, a business as a service provider or a digital product based business

(21:57) – If you don’t have a way to connect the dots between your speaking events and your funnels, your business, your paid products, you have to ask yourself the question, is it a good use of your time?

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