December 4, 2019

EditWork Life Balance is a Myth: Integrating Family and Work with Nick Murphy

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EditWork Life Balance is a Myth: Integrating Family and Work with Nick Murphy

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As entrepreneurs we often get pulled into the pressures, stresses, and let’s be real – sexiness –  of things we work on each day. But there comes a point when begin to alienate the thing that most likely inspired us to become business owners in the first place: our family. 

Today’s guest, Nick Murphy knows the struggle entrepreneurs face finding balance in their lives. As an NFL veteran turned serial entrepreneur, he knows a thing or two about discipline, ambition, and peak performance. With 5 kids of his own, he set out to teach parentpreneurs (yep, that’s parents + entrepreneurs) how to accelerate the growth of their businesses so they can hustle less and earn more – all while being present to what matters most at home.

Nick’s perspective on business growth related to this so-called balance (btw he hates that word) between family and work is quite refreshing and doesn’t ask you to choose between your two babies or push guilt for loving your work.

If you like this conversation, join Nick and me at the 2019 Parentpreneur Virtual Summit (yep, yours truly is one of the guest speakers on the line up!) Text parentpreneur to 44222 or click here to save your seat.

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