January 18, 2022

Make Video Your Superpower with Milan Kowalewski 

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Make Video Your Superpower with Milan Kowalewski 

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SURPRISE! It’s a podcast TAKEOVER!

My friend Milan, who you might remember from episode 63, has graciously taken the mic while I rest and recover from being sick (you can laugh at the Reel we created about it here!)

Milan is an alumn from my program, Speak Up to Level Up (or SULU as we call it).  He runs an agency based in NYC that has been a huge asset to Team HS.  Last year, when I wanted to up my video presence online, he was the first person I called and helped us grow our YouTube audience.

So when it comes to helping YOU become more confident and effective on camera, there’s no one I trust more. This episode is for you if you have a complicated relationships with video 🙂

I hope you enjoy this special edition take over, I’ll be back next week.

And please help me say thanks to Milan by giving him love on Instagram and check out his podcast, The Online Marketing & Media Podcast. It’s an excellent resource to learn what’s working in social media, content marketing, & online marketing strategies to propel your business to the next level!

LISTEN to the AUDIO of this episode:

About today’s Host – Milan Kowalewski

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