October 25, 2021

How to Get Eyes on Your Biz When You Don’t Have a Following

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How to Get Eyes on Your Biz When You Don’t Have a Following

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The Heather Sager Show Episode 120


There’s this idea that you have to have a certain number of “leads” on your email list before you can launch a successful product or program. If you’re feeling like you do not have a large enough email list or a big enough following on whatever social media platform you’re on, this episode is a must-listen.

Today we’re digging into the question: how do I get more eyes on my business if I don’t have a following? 

Inside I’ll share with you 5 ways that you can get in front of your ideal customers, plus how to reframe outreach if you feel awkward pitching yourself. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Defining your and knowing what your audience size is
  • Importance of keeping track of the numbers in your business
  • Recognizing and honoring the idea of pitching yourself to someone else
  • 5 Places to look at  to get in front of your ideal customers plus ways on how to approach this

Episode Show Notes:

Let’s anchor down and define your audience

When I talk about your audience, I’m specifically talking about people who are on your email list—your golden audience. These are people who have said yes, they want to hear from you. You have the ability to send them emails whether that’s informational, educational, inspirational or promotional emails.

Your email list is really important but beyond that you can think about who else you reach online. If you have a Facebook group, Instagram, or if you do anything on LinkedIn or Twitter, you figure out what social media channels are best representative between you and your audience. So when I talk about your audience, I’m primarily talking about your email list and your primary social media platforms.

Being clear on what your audience size is

It’s not a question of how big or small your audience size is. I’m not gonna have a debate around whether size matters but I want you to know what your audience size is and if you are tracking it. The reason why this is important is I want you to think about incremental improvements because if you’re not keeping track of these changes, you won’t realize the progress you’re making.

You don’t have to go down a spreadsheet rabbit hole on this one but I want you to see your progress and have an idea if your plan is working. It will help you make decisions on what opportunities to say YES (or NO) to in the future. If you want to learn what metrics to track and how to balance quantitative and qualitative results in your biz –check out The Heather Sager Show Podcast Episode 109: How to Audit & Improve Guest Speaking Results

The idea of pitching yourself to someone else

What comes up for you when I say, hey, you got to go ask people if you can get on their platform and talk to their audience?  How are you feeling about it? Do you feel any resistance to it? And is that resistance justified and true? 

I want you to know what you feel in your gut, in your head and be present to how you’re feeling with this idea. It could be terrifying or feels schmucky but whatever is coming up for you it’s best to honor and recognize it. And if you’re feeling resistance to the idea of pitching or going after other people’s audiences, just do a little shift and think about how what you do truly serves them. 

5 Places to look at  to get in front of your ideal customers

1. Get on podcast.

If you want to get in front of other people’s audiences, find not just the list of the big podcasts. We’re not going for quantity numbers here, instead we’re going for quality so find smaller shows with highly engaged groups. You don’t need big numbers, you just need the right people.

2.  Go live on Instagram with your clients and students.

Go live on Instagram consistently and invite either your students, clients or people in your existing audience to actually come live with you and do Q&A. This one is so underrated but it’s my absolute favorite especially if you’re a coach or you offer any kind of live support in your course or program. 
You want to give your audience a taste of what you have to offer. Plus when you go live on Instagram and you invite somebody with you, it notifies their audience that you’re live on Instagram together and they’ll come check you out so you just hacked into their following online.

Pro tip:  Plan guests in advance so you won’t be stressing about it.

3. Go live on Instagram with other peers or “influencers.”

Go live with people who have larger audiences that are aligned with you. This is a really great way for you to talk with peers in your industry, get in front of other people to broaden your audience. 

Don’t go after somebody who has these giant followers.  Let’s say you have 600 followers, find somebody with 1500, 2500, even 6-7000. Just don’t be scared off by the numbers. Remember that it’s about the fit and the value you can create together.

4. Guest teaching inside of other people’s free groups.

I would imagine that you are a part of multiple free groups on Facebook. Find a handful that are aligned to your topic, reach out to the host and offer to do a free training in the group. You don’t need to teach a module from your program but you can put together a specific training to solve a specific pain point they’re having that really leads towards your freebie or your program. 

5. Teaching inside someone else’s paid program.

Start networking in your industry and find your peer group. This has been one of my favorite strategies in the last few years and one of the things that really helps with networking is you being able to help other people’s programs become even better by offering guest speaking sessions. 

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