Ep 231: Hustle vs Busyness: How I Work Without the Grind

Today we’re talking about hustle and why I will proudly continue to make it part of my life (why should we all should stop feeling guilty for working our tails off from time to time). It’s all about working with intention, and finding a flow that fuels you instead of draining you.

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Ep 230: 5 Strategies for Tailoring Your Talk for Different Audiences

Ever wondered how to tailor your message when you have multiple audiences? Or how to change up what you talk about for different groups?  In today’s episode, I’ve got the answers you’ve been searching for. Get ready to level up your speaking game and leave every audience feeling like you are speaking to JUST them.

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The #1 Reason Your Message Isn't Attracting Your Ideal Client

Ep 229: The Truth About Extemporaneous Speaking

Extemporaneous speaking is one of the most powerful skills you must develop as a business owner. And today’s episode will get you started.

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