Ep 227: Nail Your Stand-Out Speaking Topics – Exclusive Coaching Session

In today’s episode I’m doing something I’ve never done before and airing a REAL coaching call where I help a lucky business owner extract the genius out of their head and into 6 (yes SIX!) magnetic speaking topics that they can use for pitching podcasts and stages this year.

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Ep 226: Special Comeback: My Copywriter Interviews ME!

On this special comeback episode, we flipped the script and my copywriter, Sara Vartanian (who knows my business and my offers better than anyone), took the host seat to interview ME about the biggest rollercoaster of a year in biz (and life) yet.

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Ep 225: Messaging Strategies To Captivate Your Audience Without Going Over Their Head: A Live Coaching Session

Learn messaging strategies to articulate your value and drive your audience to action without overcomplicating your expertise in a live coaching session with the co-host of The Art of Online Business Podcast.

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Over 20 years and thousands of stage appearances, I've cracked the code on creating entertaining and effectively hooking an audience from the start. 

Now I help online business owners build your confidence muscle so you can stand on any stage and use speaking to make more in your business.

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Download 7 strategies to purposefully turn your next unpaid speaking gig into a profitable outcome.

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